Posted by: Españamanda | November 18, 2009

Winding down

Its hard to believe i have only 7 days left in Spain…this time. Because of the inevitable pace of Spanish paperwork and red tape, my contract and visa application have been delayed.  It looks like i’ll be home for at least a month or two, a situation i have mixed feelings about.  While i’m anxious to get home and be with my family and friends, i worry that spending so much time away might be a setback in my Spanish language progress, and be like starting all over again, culturally, when i return.  However, it will give me the opportunity to save some money and be better prepared for life here in January or February.  So, que sera sera.

Beautiful lady on the beach in PalmaMary Frances came to Palma for the 2nd time this weekend.  Of course 2 days is never enough time to see what you want to see, so we narrowed it down to a few things that have either been part of my everyday life in Palma, or parts of Mallorca that i felt were especially breathtaking.  This included a beautiful sunset bike ride down Platja de Palma through the barrios of Portixol and Molinar.  We watched the final light disappear on the horizon while sipping terrible margaritas (but hey, its the experience that counts, right?) at a little bar/restaurant that sits out on a spit, far away from traffic lights and city noise.  On Sunday we rode with Joan and Mariana to the Tramuntana villages of Valdemossa and Deià.  We wandered around the village while Mary Frances and i fantasized possibilities of living in such a place (after all, its only 40 minutes or so from Palma), and then had just enough time to drive down the steep, windy mountainside to Cala Deià (literally the ‘cove’ or ‘bottom’ of Deià).  Its an absolutely gorgeous, hidden gem that i had the opportunity to hike around a few weeks ago.  On Sunday it was nearly empty – the bar/restaurants were closed for the winter, yet the water was calling out for us to dive right in.  Incredible.

Cala Deià

Now we’re back in Barcelona, while Mary Frances finishes up her last week of work and we try to go out with a bang – experiencing as much as we can in this final week.  We have a concert to go to with friends tonight, then hopefully some day trips to Sitges and/or Costa Brava this weekend and early next week.  i am feeling so grateful for this window of time together, knowing it is the perfect way to end what has been the trip of a lifetime for us both.


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