Posted by: Españamanda | October 13, 2009

a brief update

Sunnin´in Palma

Sunnin´in Palma

i know, i know, i´ve been terrible at keeping up with this blog!  Its been a combination of writers block, lack of consistent wireless internet, and being too busy doing things to actually write about them.  Today i thought i would share some photo albums and a bulleted list of some highlights from the last couple of weeks.  Hoping the writer´s block wears off soon…


Back in Mallorca with highlights from:

  • Fira Dulce (a sweets festival) in Esporles
  • Beach trips in Palma and Dique
  • Day trip to Valldemossa

And once again, back to Barcelona, where i am waiting for Missy´s arrival on the 16th!  Sooooo excited to share some of Spain with her.  Look for LOTS of fun stories then.




  1. Hi. Regular reader here. Time for an update! ¡Vamos!

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