Posted by: Españamanda | September 16, 2009

Back in Barc

Its Wednesday, and i’m back in Barcelona with Mary Frances.  We had a great weekend catching up, doing a little exploring, and having our first real Mediterranean experience.  MFJ arrived Friday afternoon, and we spent the afternoon relaxing before heading out to my new friend Heather’s diner for some Americana comfort food (ala veggie burgers and nachos with some of the best homemade hot sauce i’ve ever tasted).  It was the warm up to a night that didn’t end until the sun was rising.  We bar hopped and danced our fannies off with a group of gals i’ve recently met, and then ended the night sitting on a big stage in the middle of Placa Mayor, sipping agua con gas and reveling in the complete silence that is Palma at 5:30am.

Joan picked us up the next afternoon around 2:00 (need i say we had not left the house yet?) and we headed to Alcudia to his family’s beach house.  “Es Moli” was built when there were no condos or hotels, or even houses in sight–yet despite their presence now, the view of the ocean and surrounding landscape is still incredible.  We headed out on Joan’s boat and cruised along the rocky coastline until we found the perfect spot to swim, then dove into the most crystal clear-blue water i have ever seen.  The depth was an illusion, and was probably between 30-40 feet deep, although from the boat it looked like 10.  Swarms of little blue fish with black spots on their tails were curious about us, and quite happy when we started throwing crushed crackers into the water, dazing into the depths while we sipped our ocean-cooled cava.  We were treated to a beautiful sunset on the way back, and then finished the night with paella and wine in Puerto Alcudia.


The next morning MFJ and i wandered Alcudia for a while.  We saw the ruins of a Roman city called Polentia, and wandered inside the stone walls of the “old town” of Alcudia.  After a rainy bus ride back to Palma, i had a few hours to show Mary Frances around.  The city is beautiful, and i am in serious need of some history lessons to be a proper tour guide (currently i’m on the hunt for the perfect guide book)!  Our flight left Palma at 12:20 am, and we wearily arrived back at her apartment in Barcelona around 2:30 am.  Fortunately, MFJ’s job is relatively flexible, so we were able to sleep in a bit before tackling the day. 

As it turns out, access to technology is again the thorn in my side.  My wireless access card expired, and recharging it when the company only deals en Espanol is muy dificil.  Add to that my inability to call the company due to a prepaid phone for which i cannot remember the PIN code, and you’ve got one out of touch gal.  With a dwindling US checking account, sitting at an internet cafe all day and buying cafe solos is not the best option for me, so i’ve had to get creative.  Hopefully, with the help of a few gracious bilinguals, i’ll get it all straightened out today.  i have a few thesis edits to submit by the end of the day, then a little publication formatting to do before sending the manuscript to my colleagues, then…its back to vacation time! 

We have given ourselves a budget of 20 euros or less per day, and rocked it out last night at the neighborhood market.  Dinner was a huge salad with hearts of palm, avocados, red peppers, cukes, olives, toasted sunflower seeds, homemade dressing, and fresh sauteed fish.  Today is sunny and warm–a nice change from the dreary cold drizzle that’s been falling the last couple of days–so tonight we hope to take a picnic to the beach and sit in that much-appreciated sun until it sets.


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