Posted by: Españamanda | September 7, 2009

Es Coll Baix

**WARNING: this post was written in the buzz of Mallorcan wine and aftermath of an overwhelmingly beautiful, exhausting day.  Please forgive the lack of ‘flow’.

IMGP0494Today was the most incredible day.  i am going to try my best to put into words the beauty of this island that i witnessed today.  Until this point, i have most certainly been impressed by the architecture and Spanish style of Barcelona and Palma both (each in their individual way)–however, last night and today were entirely new and unexpected experiences.

Last night, after a somewhat frustrating day of limited communication and mixed signals between Joan and myself, he and Mariana picked me up for an overnight trip to La Mola (The Mill)–his family house in a coastal village called Alcudia.  We arrived around 9:00pm, and drove into the center of town, then walked a bit more to a small street with several busy restaurants in the midst of old, yellow lit stone buildings.  Alcudia was once the Roman capital of Mallorca, and is surrounded by a stone wall that once protected the village from intruders.  We had a delicious dinner and dessert (mine was white chocolate flan floating in strawberries and basalmic vinegar–OMG!) and shared a bottle of vino tinto (red wine) from the heart of Mallorca.  We were exhausted after dinner, so we slowly ambled home and went to bed.

It was nearly noon when i emerged from my bedroom–this is what happens when your sleep schedule is still screwy and you sleep in a completely darkened room.  Sheesh.  We had planned on going out on Joan’s family’s boat, but Joan’s cousin was using it to go fishing, so instead we slowly started our day with a yummy Mallorcan breakfast–toast with tomato spread (basically, the innards of a smeared tomato–no flesh), sprinkled salt, and drizzled olive oil, along with cafe solo (espresso).  i met Joan’s sister Alicia, a cute single mother that speaks (and teaches) English with a British accent.  Adorable.  After breakfast we drove a little way into the mountains to a beach where Joan was certain no one would be.  We didn’t realize at the time (despite his warning we’d be “walking” about 30 minutes to get to it) that it required a life-threatening hike through shifty boulders and loose rocks at what felt like nearly 90 degree angles down the side of a mountain.  But, as Joan said with his handsome smile about halfway down–“the biggests risks have the biggest rewards”, i had no idea the beauty of la playa that awaited us.  With no real words to describe this place and what i was feeling today (please check out the photos in the “Palma Photos” album), i’ll just say that there were moments that i found myself standing in the small pebbles that form the foundation of this beach, staring out at the powerful waves crashing on the shore, close to tears.

We wrapped up the day by driving up the opposite side of the mountain (after hiking *back* up the mountain until i thought my quads might give out and just go ahead and hurl me off the cliff) and having a drink at a bar/restaurant with an incredible view.  They didn’t start serving dinner until 8:00, so we headed back to the Puerto de Alcudia (the port/marina) and indulged in a huge paella mariscos at a restaurant with yet another amazing view.  On the way out of town i noticed an open wine store.  i ran in quickly while Joan and Mariana waited in the car, and whipped out my best Espanol to ask for the owners top two suggestions for Mallorcan wine. Now, i’m sitting on the couch, back in Palma, watching 7th Heaven (i know, i know–its my only English channel!), and sipping one more glass of vino tinto before hitting the hay.  Sun weary, leg weary, and saturated with the beauty, hope, and promise of this incredible new place.



  1. OMG, your blog looks awesome!! I need some tips! xoxo

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