Posted by: Españamanda | September 3, 2009


HOT in Palma.  Sweatin’ like crazy sitting in my little swanky internet spot just down from Joan’s (my!) apartment on Placa Mayor.  i have so much to do though, i can’t tear myself away just yet.

Its been an interesting beginning to this chapter of my journey.  For starters, i arrived at the airport yesterday and went to check in, only to find that my flight was for the next day.  i suppose it had something to do with the days running together, but i honestly thought that the 3rd was a Wednesday, not Thursday.  My first thought upon hearing how much it would cost to change my flight was screw that i’m paying for a cab back to town.  However, as i sat there for a few minutes, dreading lugging my huge suitcase back to MFJ’s apartment and waiting for her to get off of work, then doing it all over again the next day, i realized that the price was nearly worth the convenience of flying out as i had planned.  So, i swallowed 120 euros and boarded the day’s flight to Palma.  *gulp*

Joan picked me up at the airport after the shortest flight i think i’ve ever been on, and we drove through this beautiful city to his apartment at the very center.  After dropping off my luggage and grabbing my camera, we hit the streets for lunch and to see about a phone plan for me.  Unfortunately, my iPhone dreams (GPS, Facebook, email, everywhere!) were dashed when Movist*r informed us that not only were they sold out of iPhones, they had no idea whatsoever when they’d receive more.  Fortunately though, Joan had scored a payasyougo phone for me, which i’ll be getting activated today.  At least i won’t be completely out of touch anymore. 

Last night i met Joan’s new girlfriend, and we all went out for a couple of drinks at what Joan thought might be a lesbian bar.  Not so much, but fun nevertheless!  After he left on his bike for her place, i ran a bath and relaxed with a cold cerveza and a book for a while before hitting the hay.  So nice.  It was a little disorienting to wake up this morning with no working clock though, and seeing a stalled one that read 12:30.  i thought i had slept half the day away, until i turned on my computer and realized it was only 10:00.  Whew.  i’m telling you, this time thing has me all screwed up.

Tomorrow morning is my meeting with Carlos, my new employer.  i’m nervous to say the least, but should have a much better idea of what my Ballearic future looks like by tomorrow afternoon.  i’ll keep you posted!


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