Posted by: Españamanda | September 2, 2009

Stage #2

It’s Wednesday morning, and i’m sitting at MFJ’s little dining room table contemplating my route to the airport.  Today is the day i migrate to Palma, Mallorca, to see my friend Joan and meet with my future employer. 

The trip has been amazing so far, despite some annoying inconveniences and mostly humorous setbacks.  Internet access has been extremely limited.  Turns out the “high speed internet” MFJ was guaranteed is actually a little USB plug in device that operates around the speed of original dial up internet service.  Yeah.  The ‘locutorio’ just around the corner is a row of old mixed up computers in an un-air-conditioned shotgun style room.  Nevertheless we’ve spent plenty of time in there sweating our asses off to try to take care of business, such as buying today’s plane ticket and getting MFJ ready for her new job, which started this morning.

One of the “annoying inconveniences”, aside from lack of internet, has been the lack of a clock.  It hasn’t really mattered all that much what time it was until yesterday, when we needed to meet with an American woman MFJ was originally going to room with, who is also staying in her building.  Having no idea what time it was (without turning on a computer), we have been kind of just rolling with what our bodies tell us–up until then had been stay up until 3:00, sleep til noon.  MFJ said, ‘at first i thought we were rockstars, but then i realized we were just living on EST’.  *sigh*

So this morning, although both of us later confessed we wondered why it was so light outside at 5:30am, MFJ’s iPhone (which she can’t even use the applications on without a wireless signal) told us it was 2 hours earlier than it actually was.  Whoops.  Once this mistake was realized, poor girl had to run out the door for her first day of work with about 15 minutes preparation time.  Luckily i managed to feed her some little toast points with avocado as she ran back and forth past the kitchen trying to get ready, and she gulped down some coffee just before walking out the door. 

Otherwise this has been an absolutely incredible experience so far.  We have done some sightseeing, ate some great food (OMG the seafood!), laid on the beach, wandered La Boqueria, and met some nice people.  Our new friend Carlos is going to escort us to some tiny beach towns near Girona in a few weeks, and MFJ and i have decided to have a competition to see which one of us can make a friend with a boat first, so that we can say we’ve “sailed the Mediterranean”.  😉

i’ll write more when i reach Mallorca and fill you all in on the job details and my new home city!


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